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It is said that there are only two certainties in life, death and taxes. I beg to differ, CHANGE, constant change, is life's other certainty. 

Covid changed us, the way interact with each other, the way we look to the future, and more. It changed our plans but it didn't change our resolve and objective.

Trinity Hills is a dream, a work in progress and we will continue to work to make it, better than we set out to do. Come, Join us...

Trinity Hills 

Trinity Hills' next Project will be the first mountain development that will feature a crystalline Surf Lagoon with beaches, a Beach club, restaurant and other amenities. Whether you love the feel of sand under your feet, are a water sports enthusiast, or just love to sit by the surf while admiring breathtaking lush rugged terrain, now you won't have to choose between having a property near the ocean or at the mountain. And if you still want to enjoy the real thing, the Pacific ocean is only 30 minutes away; as well as   hospitals, supermarkets, schools, golf.

Panama City is less than 1-hour drive and Tocumen International Airport is only 1.5 hours away. Soon, the 3rd Line of Panama’s mass transport system, Metro de Panama, will be built to within a 30-minute drive of our development.

A small convenience store as well as produce market and infirmary. Whether permanent residence, or holiday stays and rental income investment, at Trinity Hills you have it.